Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maca Root WEEK 1 1/2

As well as Bust Boom, i started this blog a week and a half in to me taking the maca root! sorry guys): I started the maca root about 5 days before i began Bust Boom.

things i noticed:
  • Flat tummy! i was never bloated during the 5 days i was taking the maca root
  • A LOT OF ENERGY. i had a great amount of energy when i took the maca root, and NO crash whatsoever. My energy slowly went down, and when it was time for bed.. i had the best sleep ever.
  • Stronger sex drive
  • Became a morning person, since i took the maca root in the morning i became very awake and alert and started to love mornings!
How i took the pill:
  1. First week: Took one capsule every morning with lots of water!
  2. Second week: Took two capsules every morning with lots of water!
Breasts nipple to nipple: 35 in.
Butt/Hips: 38 in.

    Maca Root

    500 Mg of pure Maca Root in each capsule 

    I bought 180 capsules of Whole World Botanicals: Royal Maca for $39.99 at The Natural Pantry.
    Rumor has it that maca root can enhance breast growth, increase size of hips, and fatten up your butt! On top of that, it strengthens your sex drive and gives you an energy boost! I decided to take this along with Bust Boom because maca root is not in Bust Boom.

     What maca is really meant for is increasing fertility, increasing stamina, increasing energy, reducing hormonal dysfunction (for example: menopause), regulates hormonal imbalances, strengthens teeth and bones, acts as an antioxidant, and speeds wound healing (circulatory system).

    Bust Boom: Natural Breast Enhancement WEEK 1 1/2

    My small small 34A chest D:
    I decided to make this blog when i was already a week and a half in to taking Bust Boom! sorry for the inaccuracy):
    Here are things i noticed the first week:
    • I was very bloated
    • Breasts became very tender, sore feeling
    • I got a slight tingly sensation, AROUND but not on my nipples
    • Nipples were also very tender/sensitive and sore feeling
    You know how when you start your period and your breasts feel sore and they also get a little teeny tiny bit bigger? this is EXACTLY how it felt. I ended my period a couple days before i took this pill, so i doubt its because of my period about to start.

    How i took the pill:
    1. Took one capsule every morning with lots of water!

    Bust Boom: Natural Breast Enhancement

    I bought enough Bust Boom: Natural Breast Enhancement for 6 months (180 capsules) for $54.95 from Amazon.
    Great thing about this product is that after 3 months, if it doesnt work for you.. you can still return it for a full refund!

    I measured 34 3/4 inches, around my breasts nipple to nipple today

    Blessed Thistle Powder
    Black Cohosh (Root)
    Dong Quai Extract
    Damiana Powder
    Dandelion Extract
    Fennel Seed Extract
    Saw Palmetto Extract
    Watercress (Leaf)
    Wild Yam (Root)
    600 Mg in every capsule
    All ingredients are herbs known to enhance breast enlargement!


    Hi everyone! I am an 18 year old asian girl, that has and always have had small breasts. Im 5"6", about 145 lbs., and my breasts are 34A's.  There is absolutely no busty women in my family, all the women in my family are either an A cup or a B cup. I began wearing bras before i even needed to and have always been insecure about them.  I wear padded and pushed up bras, and its something that i dont enjoy doing at all. I have researched plastic surgery and wanted to pull through with it, but, of course it is very pricey! and i am more into natural woman anyway, so i thought, why not try natural products and see how that goes first? So what this blog will show.. is my journey to larger breasts. Well, hopefully. Enjoy! i will check this blog daily, so if you have any questions. Dont hesitate to ask :)